Rocío Paniagua Jensen

Behind Dewdrop Tiles is Rocío Paniagua, a Chilean-born architect and artist living in Denmark. The company its named after her: Rocío means “dewdrop” in Spanish. Rocío designs and produces mosaic-tiles uniting the history of the ancient mosaic tradition with modern Nordic design.

The decision to create a livelihood based on mosaic tile-design stems from Rocío’s deeply felt wish to share the beauty and joy of mosaics. As an architect, she also saw an unrealized potential for designing mosaics that combine the traditional art form with the Nordic tradition for functional interior design in the home.

The materials she uses in her designs are chosen carefuly. She is constantly searching for materials with focus on quality, durability and sustainability – like reusing tiles from constructions leftovers.

Rocío’s inspiration is the fantastic nature surrounding her on her island home of Bornholm. Bornholm, a Danish island located in the Baltic Sea, is an inexhaustible treasure trove of inspiration for the many craftsmen living on the island, where she is the only mosaic artist.

Parallel to Dewdrop Tiles, Rocio will continue to practice traditional, handmade mosaic art – because she can’t help it. You can see Rocios artwork at rocio.dk

You can also follow Dewdrop Tiles on Facebook or Instagram as @dewdroptiles.

Rocio at work in her mosaic studio


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