Circular Tile solutions

We are proud to announce that we were selected by Realdania to be part of “Innovation til Marked” program. In 2022, we are starting a new journey, where Realdania will support Dewdrop Tiles in pursuing our goal: to be able to produce scalable, modular tile solutions made from tile remnants from construction sites.

Dewdrop Tiles wants to contribute to the sustainable development by giving discarded tiles a new life by transforming them into unique, high quality and affordable tile solutions.

“In general, construction must increase recycling and reduce the use of new materials. This project shows how this can be done with a high aesthetic quality for tiles as a residual fraction.” – Innovation til Marked.

Thank you so much Realdania for the support! I look forward to our journey helping the construction industry become greener.

Some of our circular tiles are already available for sale per m2. You can find them in our website as Modular Tiles. Keep in touch: More designs are being developed!

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