Classic Collections

Add personality to your home

Dewdrop Tiles classic mosaic-tile collections can be used as wall decoration or as backsplash. Each collection is based on Rocio’s hand-drawn sketches and handmade within a single millimeter’s precision.

Classic Collections is an exclusive product, where each design is produced as limited edition. Rocío is constantly creating new designs.

Dewdrop Tiles classic collections are now available with a mat white background tile that can be combined with standard 14,8 x 14,8 cm. ceramic tiles.

You can also order a Dewdrop Tiles classic collection in different colors and tile sizes.
Dewdrop Tile designs can be made of different kinds of ceramic wall tiles by request, for big or small projects. For example: Do you want to insert your Dewdrop Tiles in your existing ceramic tile wall? It can be done with most wall tiles, if you keeped some tiles from the same tile edition. You can see an example here.

Dewdrop Tiles delivers the complete mosaic tile set, ready for installation. A set includes the mosaic motif and additional tiles. The motif is delivered glued on a masonry mesh for easy and precise installation.
Learn more about the easy installing processes here.

We invite you to take a closer look to our classic collections, where you can find description and prices.
Please contact us for orders, questions and special requests.

Examples of Classic Collections

Poppies Collection.
Sparrow Collection.
Ginkgo Collection.
Magnolia Collection
Coral Collection
Mandala Flower Collection
Spring Landscape Collection