Dewdrop Tiles delivers a complete set, ready for easy installation. A set includes the mosaic motif and the necessary corners installed on a masonry net.
Your tiles are delivered ready to be affixed on the wall! – as easy as installing any ordinary tile.

This is an example with Coral Collection.

This case shows the installation process of replacing old tiles with Coral Collection three patterns. A truly unique result with just few tiles!

After the old tiles were removed, Dewdrop Tiles were installed. The three circles of mosaic pattern were made in a lighter color – to give the wall some variation. Each circle mosaic was delivered on a net. The corners were made of leftovers of the same marble tiles that covers the wall.

The installed tiles integrate perfectly on the existing room. The result is a beautiful bathroom with a soft and elegant touch of natural shapes.

Step 1.
Step 2.
Step 3