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Welcome to Dewdrop Tiles 

– Circular mosaic tiles handmade on Bornholm.

Dewdrop Tiles produces circular mosaic tile solutions tailored specifically for both private and public clients. Dewdrop Tiles designs and produces one-of-a-kind artworks from locally sourced and recovered materials. Our tiles are handmade on the Danish island of Bornholm, inspired by our love of nature and dedicated craftsmanship. The result? A beautiful, sustainable design giving meaning and purpose to each application.

You can order Dewdrop Tiles as a unique surface if you are remodeling or building a bathroom, kitchen – or any other room.  Get inspired by our unique  Circular Tile Solutions  or choose one of our Classic Collections.

Dewdrop Tiles are designed by architect Rocío Paniagua.

Please contact us for orders, questions and special requests. 

Welcome to Dewdrop Tiles

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Classic Collections

Add personality to your home

Dewdrop Tiles classic mosaic-tile collections can be used as wall decoration or as backsplash. Each collection is based on Rocio’s hand-drawn sketches and handmade within a single millimeter’s precision.

Classic Collections is an exclusive product, where each design is produced as limited edition. Rocío is constantly creating new designs.

Dewdrop Tiles classic collections are now available with a mat white background tile that can be combined with standard 14,8 x 14,8 cm. ceramic tiles.

You can also order a Dewdrop Tiles classic collection in different colors and tile sizes.
Dewdrop Tile designs can be made of different kinds of ceramic wall tiles by request, for big or small projects. For example: Do you want to insert your Dewdrop Tiles in your existing ceramic tile wall? It can be done with most wall tiles, if you keeped some tiles from the same tile edition. You can see an example here.

Dewdrop Tiles delivers the complete mosaic tile set, ready for installation. A set includes the mosaic motif and additional tiles. The motif is delivered glued on a masonry mesh for easy and precise installation.
Learn more about the easy installing processes here.

We invite you to take a closer look to our classic collections, where you can find description and prices.
Please contact us for orders, questions and special requests.

Examples of Classic Collections

Poppies Collection.
Sparrow Collection.
Ginkgo Collection.
Magnolia Collection
Coral Collection
Mandala Flower Collection
Spring Landscape Collection

Circular Tile Solutions

Customized tile solutions for your home or business made of recovered tiles.

Would you like a unique, sustainable tile design?

Dewdrop Tiles are customized tiles made from recovered materials for walls and floors. Dewdrop Tiles individual solutions include professional advice. We help architects and building owners to get the tile solution that fits perfectly to their project.

Dewdrop Tiles endeavors to take care of the environment. That is why our customized mosaic solutions are made from recovered materials, such as for example ceramic tiles and marble left over from construction projects. The materials are collected locally in collaboration with construction companies and are carefully selected, with a focus on quality, durability and expression.

You are always welcome to write to Architect Rocío Paniagua here.

Examples of Circular Tile Solutions

High Sea – The Baltic Sea on a stormy say. Customized backsplash made of recovered Mirage tiles.
Made for Multiform i Lyngby. 80 x 400 cm.
Searching for light. Unique backsplash design made of recycled tiles and marble leftovers.
River stream. Unique floor tile design made of marble leftovers.
Poppies in white. Unique design for private customer made in leftover ceramic tiles and glass.
Spheres. Unique design for private customer made in leftover ceramic tiles from 60’s.


Rocío Paniagua
Architect MAA
+45 24457888

Dewdrop Tiles studio is located on the beautiful Danish island Bornholm. You can visit us in our studio at Søndre Alle 31, 3700 Rønne, Denmark.

You are very welcome to visit us by appointment. Public parking at Arsenalvej, 100 meters from our studio.

You are also always very welcome to contact us if you have questions about the product or if you have a special request.

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You can also find, see, and feel our tiles at our retail partners:


Dewdrop Tiles at World Circular Economy Forum 2021

16. september 2021: Dewdrop Tiles participated in two live stream panel sessions on the World Circular Economy Forum 2021.

Organizers: DI – Dansk Industri, Danish Cleantech Hub, Circular City Week New York, State of Green Denmark.

Speakers: Naboskab, Friis & Molkte Archtects, Kirt & Thomsen, Scanlux Packaging, Agrain by Circular Food Technology, Miljøministeriet, Dewdrop Tiles.

We discuss about adopting circular businesses models, upcycling, and how to turn waste into a resource. We also discussed development and implementation of circular economy solutions in reality. As founder of Dewdrop Tiles I was very happy to share the experience I have built up through this company. Thanks to the organizers and the fellow invited business companies for a really an interesting discussion!!! It was a great honor to be part of it.